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CNC (Component Numerical Control) machines are pre-programmed machines. CNC machining is the crucial process of the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools and less involvement of human. Lathes, mills, routers, and grinders are the tools that come under CNC machining. It is a customized computer program that essentially controls feed rate, coordination, location, and speeds.

Advantages of using CNC Machining

 ⦁ Precise process than manual machining
 ⦁ Easy to repeat the process
 ⦁ Convenient to produce complex shapes

Types of CNC Machines
The most frequently used machines in CNC systems include the following:
⦁ CNC Mills
It runs on programs that comprised of the number and letter-based prompts. It guides pieces across various distances. A mill machine operates based on G-code or some unique language. This machine is useful in welding, hole-punching and laser cutting.

⦁ Lathe
It cuts the pieces in a circular direction with indexable tools. The cuts made by lathes are precise. Lathes typically make contact with the material by laterally moving a cutting tool until it progressively touches the spinning material.

⦁ Plasma Cutters
Plasma cutter uses the plasma torch to cut the material. The process is suitable for metal materials and on other surfaces. Plasma cutter is a combination of compressed-air gas and electrical arcs. It produces the speed and heat necessary for the cutting of the metal. Apart from this, we use some specialized techniques to cut material.

⦁ Electric Discharge Machines
It molds workpieces into particular shapes with electrical sparks. In this machine, current discharges between two electrodes, and removes sections of a given workpiece.

⦁ Water Jet Cutters
It is the tool that cut hard materials (granite and metal) with powerful applications of water. This process is useful in manufacturing of the factory machine parts.